ioGround For Developers

What's in it for you?

Dashboard Metrics

Track your games' metrics such as impressions, clicks and bid spending. Metrics are tracked even for games that haven't yet been claimed by their developers. So if you see your game already listed on ioGround, there will be historical metrics waiting for you after you sign up.

Bid for Featured Spots

Rather than paying a fixed daily rate to have your games featured, you can bid for top placement in specific game categories. Top positions are always given to the highest bidder every time the page is loaded.

Pay-Per-Click Pricing

You only pay when a player clicks your game. Bids can be as low as $0.001 USD (one tenth of a US cent). Bid prices fluctuate based on demand. Budgets can be used to automatically disable bids if a spend limit is reached.

PayPal Payments

Credit your developer account using PayPal. You can deposit as little as $5.00 USD, and ioGround credit never expires.

Provide Alternate Game URLs

Is your main game URL blocked on school networks? Add one or more alternative game URLs to allow players to still reach your game. Players have the ability to flag URLs as blocked and ioGround prioritizes the least blocked URLs. This gives players the best possible chance of reaching your game.

Backlinks are Optional

IoGround doesn't require that your game include a back link to us. You're free to back link to any site(s) you like. Your game, your rules. If you choose to back link to us however, we reward developers with $5 of free ioGround credit per month, per game.

Customizable Banners

Have you released a new update or added some seasonal content? Or is there something special that your players need to know about? Update your game's banner to let everyone know.

Easy Game Editing

Once your game has been verified and curated, you're free to update URLs, descriptions, banners and thumbnails whenever you please. Your game will not need to be resubmitted for curation after updates.

Player to Player Support

Rather than constantly contacting you with frequently asked questions, our community Q&A system allows players to ask and answer questions amongst themselves. Players receive rewards for contributing to discussions which incentivizes communication.

The Process

Create a Developer Account

Sign up for a standard account, then on the account settings page, turn on the "Developer Account" setting.


Before your game can be displayed on ioGround, it must be verified. Verification is very simple. When you submit your game, you'll be given a unique code. Place this code in a .txt file called ioground.txt that's accessible at your game's URL, eg. When you click the "verify" button, ioGround will attempt to verify the code. As soon as this is complete, your game will be automatically submitted for curation.

Do we already have your game listed on ioGround, but you don’t have access to it yet? Email us at [email protected]


IoGround has quality standards that your game must meet. Here is a list of requirements:

  • The player must be able to enter a game with minimal effort, ideally a single click.
  • The game has to be relatively simple to learn. A player should be able to grasp the basic game mechanics within a few seconds.
  • Must have a short loading time, try to keep your game down to just a couple of MB.
  • Must run at a reasonable FPS. Not all users have high-end gaming PCs, so make sure your game is at least playable on low end machines.
  • The game has to feel polished, ensure your game assets, movement and controls are all well refined and thoroughly tested.

Games are rejected if they don't have a multiplayer mode, or if they are faking multiplayer mode. In-game bots and NPCs are perfectly fine, as long as players can join other players. We will check your game's source code and look for relevant network traffic. Games will also be rejected if they require users to download or install third party programs.

If you see a game on ioGround that you feel doesn't meet the quality standards or if you have any specific curation questions, email us at [email protected]