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Add to Chrome is a free iogame. Welcome to the ultimate 100 players real-time multiplayer voxel battle-royale first-person shooter game. This free game features procedurally generated maps. When players join, they spawn on the warm up island to wait for the game to start when there are enough players. As the game begins, players start their dropoff randomly on the battle island to fight to be the last person alive. Chests of various tiers containing various guns, shovels, consumables, and blocks are scattered throughout the island. Players must find and utilize these items to fight to be the last person alive and win the game. Continuously throughout the game, toxic fog will slowly shrink the battle island, forcing the player to find and eliminate each other.

How To Play

Controls W - Walk forward S - Walk backward A - Walk left D - Walk right Space - Jump X - Open Inventory (Use mouse left click and right click to swap items) Hold C - Crouch Hold Shift - Sprint Hold Tab - View Map Left Mouse Button - Primary action on item: Shoot / Use Item / Consume Item Right Mouse Button - Secondary action on item: Aim / Switch block placement mode Game Length & Toxic Fog The game is fast-paced. Each game can last up to 6 minutes. The shrinking toxic fog encourages players to meet up and battle. As the battle area gets smaller, the toxic fog becomes more deadly. Blocks & Shovels There are many types of blocks in the game, such as dirt, sand, environmental stone bricks, cactus, water, etc. Blocks have different hardness levels. Players can use higher tier shovels to break blocks faster. Bullets can also damage blocks on hit. Blocks physics also exist in the game, floating blocks will be automatically destroyed. Building There are two building modes available in Single block and Wall. Players can either place blocks one by one, or in a group of up to 9 to form a wall in front of them instantly. Placing blocks strategically on the battlefield to give yourself an advantage over others. Movement Different items have different weights in the game, changing the player’s movement speed. For example, guns make the player walk slower, so it’s better for players to hold other items such as a shovel to increase their mobility. Players can also sprint to increase their speed and crouch to walk in smaller tunnels. Map Each map is procedurally generated and completely random. You can use the mini map in the top left corner or hold tab to view the whole map to plan your strategy each game. Inventory Press X to toggle inventory. Inventory management is important to succeed. Players should carefully plan to carry ammos, blocks, guns, shovels, and consumables. Each player gets 5 hotbar slots, 5 storage slots, and 5 ammo slots. Item pickups are automatic. Players can also drop items by pressing G or use the mouse to click items outside of the inventory view. Consumables Players start at 100 health, but shield potions can be used to increase their shield (up to 100). In addition, there are also healing items such as the medicine pill and first aid kit to restore player health. Consumables may be found anywhere on the map in chests/crates.

ioGround Proxy

The official ioGround proxy is a Chrome Extension that can be used to unblock so you can play at school or work. The proxy is similar to a VPN extension except it's optimized for unblocking .io games and only works on

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