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Loot. Battle. Survive. Love Fortnite or PUBG? Play ZombsRoyale, the ultimate real-time, massive multiplayer 2D battle royale game by the creators of Drop down from the plane and scatter to find a weapon. Kill or be killed.

How To Play

WASD - Movement Left click - Shoot E - Interact


Q: I don't get how the whole z-coins, gems, cosmetic chests and avatars work. It seems super complicated
A: It's a bit to figure out at first, but it's not so bad. Cosmetic items are only used to customize avatars’ appearances and don't give players any gameplay advantages. The cosmetic items come from cosmetic chests which can be purchased using Z-Coins or Gems. Z-Coins can be obtained by winning games or watching ads (on mobile). Gems can only be obtained by purchasing them with real world currency.

Q: Why do people keep calling It's not fortnite at all, it's completely different!
A: They are similar, they are both battle royale games. was designed to be close to the 2d version of fortnite. The developers bought as well. So if you go to, it'll redirect to I think that's why people keep calling it that.

Q: Does anyone else find the whole battlepass, gems and seasons system confusing?
A: Not really, it's similar to most AAA type games. Season One's battlepass was the first one, it was 30 gems and had 30 tiers to complete. Tiers have little daily and weekly challenges, eg outlive 169 opponents, get 2 sniper kills, get 6 kills or something like that. Each set gives you 50 stars total. As you get stars, you can start moving up tiers. I think you can buy tiers too if you fall behind but that costs real money. Check out their zombsroyaleio.gamepedia page too.

Q: I remember playing ages ago it was one of the first io games I ever played. Why did the devs have to release instead of updating
A: I think the devs wanted to get in on the battle royale trend. was good, but they needed a new title to get into battle royale io games. On top of that, they went big into the mobile apps and micro transactions, zombroyale ended up being much more than a simple io game.

Q: Does zombsroyale have any proxy url sites to help us get the game unblocked in school?
A: Not yet, maybe try asking the devs on their discord.

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