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This is the official proxy site for If your school firewalls and administrators let you access from your school computers and wifi, then you'll be able to play unblocked using this proxy site. If is still blocked at school, you may want to try some of these other, hidden io game proxy sites:, and You might also be able to find an unblocked upload of among many other games on Google Sites.


BlockTanks is a web-based multiplayer tank game that currently consists of four modes: Team Deathmatch, Control Point (which was removed from the game), Payload, Battle Royale, and Free-For-All. There are a large variety of maps to play on and almost 40,000 players to battle, using a wide range of different weapons. BlockTanks was started in 2016 by Kevin Champagne

How To Play

The five different game modes are all different from each other in their own way. In Team Deathmatch, which has a 3v3 and 8v8 version, the highest-scoring team gets the win. So you may lose if your team dies too much even if you killed 100 people without dying. In Payload, you will find it's the same as Control Point (which has been removed), but as you capture the control point; the control point moves toward the other team's base. Once it reaches the opposing team's base your team will earn a point. However, the opposing players may slow down or turn around the point. Free-For-All is a rather new mode whereas stated in the name every player is on his own trying to kill as many other players as possible to win the match. The fifth and also newest game mode being Battle Royale your goal is to be the last tank alive in the shrinking zone.