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WarPixIO.online is a new 3D game in IO style. Create your own unique character, choose appropriate weapon and challenge players from all over the world in the arena.

How To Play

WASD - movement Mouse - Aim and Attack Red and blue mushrooms constantly respawn in the arena. Red mushrooms recreate HP player (+15HP). Blue mushrooms provide experience (default: +2XP). Experience can also be obtained by murdering your challengers in the arena. After achieving a new level, you can advance one of three random attributes, their total number is 8: +ATK - Increase character's total Atk (Add Atack +2) +DEF - Increase character's total Def (Add Defend +2) +DMG SPREAD - Add damage spread (Spread +1 Attack -1) +HP - Increase character's total Hp (Add +5 max HP) +HP LEECH - Add leech Hp by 2.5% of damage +SPD - Increase character's total Spd (Move Speed +5) EXP x1.5 - Gain Exp rate x1.5 (For blue mushrooms) HP Recovery x1.5 - Hp recovery rate x1.5 (For red mushrooms)

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